Computerized Locker & Vault Management means speed and security for your customers.

Combining locker management and access control provides everything to facilitate smooth working and makes locker administration simple.

Locker and Vault Management System
Locker Availability

Cabinet wise locker availability on main screen. Status display of vacant lockers, unused keys.

Locker Allotment

Centralized locker allotment and access report with billing history, photos.

Customer Query

Customer search by Locker no, Key no, Password, Locality etc. Customer contact details.

Outstanding Rent

Rental due Reminder, Statement and Customer Ledger.

Renewal Advice

Outstanding Rent Advice, Invoicing and Rent Receipts tracking.

Signature Verification

Locker holder Signature Verification along with Picture.

Finger Print & Photo

Locker Allotment, Access with PHOTO and FINGER PRINT maching.

Rent Receipt

Generate Outstanding Rent advice and Security Recipt.

Locker Surrender

Locker Surrender / Discharge with outstanding bill settlement.

Locker Access

Locker Access with Password and finger print verification.

User Grant Manager

Create Users and grant multiple rights.

Locker search

Multi-parameter Locker search. Detailed Locker holders record reports.

ATSVault Locker Management Software

Locker Allotment to Discharge

More then 7 years old the Software is already being used at clients : New Delhi Vaults, South Delhi Vaults, Alaknanda Vaults,India Safety vaults, U & I Vaults, UAE Exchange, Valvet Vaults, Solo Vaults etc.

Safe Deposit Vault Management Software

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